Mettasphere is a unique wellness platform where the breadth of our offerings are rooted in ancient principles yet backed by science and delivered in modern, minimalist settings.

We understand that physical fitness, good nutrition and mental wellness are the three pillars that support wholesome living. Each pillar is inextricably linked to the others and becomes ineffective if considered in isolation. We offer comprehensive programmes, with measurable results, for people of all ages.

One can choose from Progressive Calisthenics training, Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness / Meditation practices to start on their path to personalised wellness.


~ ‘Metta’,  a deep love and benevolence for oneself, others and for nature as a whole – a state that emerges from all rounded well being. 

To experience this, it is essential for one to be of sound body and mind – a state of complete well-being that everyone must aspire to. It is our vision to position you within that sphere where physical fitness, mental wellness and functional nutrition co exist so that balanced wellness can be achieved and sustained. In other words, we enable one to experience ‘Metta’.

We see good health as the catalyst for a greater change, we believe in social well-being through individual well-being. Sweeping, evolutionary change begins with individuals. We strive to enable change at the individual level.


The quest for trying to stay fit while juggling demanding careers, maintaining mental poise and managing to stay well nourished, seemed like an arduous task at first. We could not find a fitness regime that catered to both physical as well as mental well-being.

Our quest led us to found Mettasphere, a wellness platform that allowed us to envision and create an all rounded approach to fitness that is far removed from static, machine dependent fitness regimes. Here we encourage our members to rediscover the true value of establishing a mind body connect while practising fitness and ensure the benefits of that connect unfold and multiply through everyday practice.

Our fitness routines are based on natural, functional movements and structured to be dynamic and progressive, while being balanced with wellness of the mind. They’re also uniquely matched to one’s energy and fitness levels, while being supported with the right nutritional advice. What we have now is a growing community of seekers, all working to achieve individual fitness goals yet collectively moving towards lasting wellness.