Investing in the well-being of your employees is a great idea!  Our experienced team can collaborate with you to build and sustain all rounded wellness programs for your greatest assets, your employees.  

We can partner with you to deliver Employee Wellness programmes at your premises or work out customisable options , where your employees can avail of discounted rates while participating in programmes at our studio.

We believe that with feedback about performance, the rate of  improvement accelerates and so our programmes are structured to help track and assess the Wellness quotient of each employee.  

Our programmes have enduring benefits that have a telling impact on employee productivity and morale, improved teamwork, higher engagement, reduced absenteeism and an overall positive outlook.


Our offerings typically include health assessments, physical fitness activities, nutritional guidance and mindfulness workshops – all customised to your context. All of these can be offered in house at our studio at special rates for employees or can be run as long term wellness programs at your facility by our staff, as the case may demand.

If you want to give Employee Wellness a whole new perspective then we have events that are run outdoors and can provide much needed rejuvenation to the work soaked employee. We meticulously plan and execute one of a kind cycling tours, treks and nature walks to lush, rustic and scenic locales around Bangalore, all delivered bearing participant safety in mind. Your employees can benefit from participating in these events at a special price.

We also conduct team outdoor events with wellness as the cornerstone. These events foster collaboration within teams and also help develop a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors with far reaching health and wellness benefits.

You can take advantage of our varied wellness programmes be it for the short term or the long term. Contact us for stitching together your bespoke Corporate Wellness programmes.