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Progressive Calisthenics – single class


Product Description

Calisthenics aligns perfectly to MettaSphere’s philosophy of natural techniques and minimalism, we recommend it over any other regimen as a stand-alone fitness workout for overall strengthening of the body. It is the art of training your body as it was meant to be trained; not by isolating muscle groups and using man-made machinery but by using the best tool that you already have – your body becomes your gym!

Calisthenics strengthens every muscle group and every link between muscle groups. It is the ultimate form of exercise for creating true strength. Practicing calisthenics can help anyone achieve a stronger, leaner, more flexible body and it can be tailored to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced trainees.

Our master calisthenics trainers will guide you through the various exercises and progressions and ensure you use proper form and technique to achieve measurable gains in strength, balance, and stability. You’ll also burn a ton of fat! Calisthenics helps you experience real body transformation. It’s not just about how you look!


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