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Calisthenics Workshop – Basics 101


Calisthenics is a form training that allows you to build strength, flexibility and balance using pure body movements and your body-weight as the primary form of resistance, with reduced risk of injury in the long term.

This workshop is conducted in collaboration with Ashwin Haridas (who has many years of worldwide calisthenics learning and training experience) and Suhail Pasha (who is a National Calisthenics endurance champion) from Calisthenics Beasts.

Post the workshop, you will have got the correct form to do the foundation push and pull exercises along with some variations.. and also a glimpse of some advanced calisthenics exercises. You’ll also be able to assess whether this is a form of fitness training that suits your needs/goals and something you would like to continue with.

DATE/TIME:    Saturday, 23rd Nov, 4:00 – 5:30 pm

PRICE:               INR 500/-

Workshop Structure:
▪ What is calisthenics, what’re its benefits
▪ How to get started with calisthenics
▪ The right kind of warm-up routine
▪ Calisthenics and injury prevention
▪ Core activation
▪ The right form for a pull up and different variations
▪ The right form for parallel bar dips and push ups
▪ Advanced Skills demo

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