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Progressive Calisthenics

3,000.00 / 30 days

With Calisthenics at MettaSphere, your body becomes your gym, you train using pure body movements with reduced risk of injury in the long term.

Our Calisthenics Master instructors personally guide you through progressions. Classes can be tailored to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced trainees.

Expect this from the workout:

  • Working several large muscle groups of the body together, resulting in strengthening the entire body as a unit.
  • Continuous practice increases core stability, flexibility.
  • Perceivable improvements in physical fitness levels and muscle tone.
  • Individual attention and customized instructions from trainers.


Additional Information


for 30 days (3 sessions/week)

Key Feature:

Customized & progressive routines.

Other Features:

Quantitative tracking.


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